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Rent Sound System Mykonos

Cutting-Edge Audio Equipment always plays a vital role in a well-organized event. We are able to rent Sound System in Mykonos, as well as Pioneer DJ Equipment for a variety of events. From business meetings and conferences, through medical congresses and Corporate Events, till Live Concerts and Cultural Events. Moreover, for Weddings and Private Parties.


To ensure the best quality performance under all circumstances, we use our own technical equipment from the best manufacturers worldwide. In addition, providing leading audiovisual solutions we achieve a remarkable audio reproduction and amazing sound result. Similarly, our productions are able to satisfy even the most demanding clients and requests.


We rent only the latest word of technology in Sound Systems and Pioneer DJ Equipment for your next event or party, already stored in Mykonos and immediately available for your Event. Certainly, carefully chosen by us for their exceptional performance. From Pioneer DJ Equipment, through Meyer and L'Acoustics Sound Systems, till RCF, DAS Audio and JBL Speakers. Also the famous Yamaha Mixing Consoles, along with Neumann and Shure Microphones.


From a simple pair of Blue-Tooth speaker rental, up to the required equipment for a live-concert. Above all, under the highest quality and best pricing. Furthermore, the required staff to assure the correct installation and optimal performance of all systems.


In short, by trusting Audio & Art Galleries you can be sure that you will achieve the best results. Not only for your corporate event or congress, but also for your wedding, private party or celebration. #Rent Sound System Mykonos

Live & DJ Equipment

Our available Sound Systems and Pioneer DJ Equipment - Mykonos are practically unlimited, as a result, it is not possible to include everything in a simple list or Website.


Therefore, please send us your request or rider and we will respond immediately with the best offer.


To get an idea of our available Equipment (main categories):

  • Up to 192-channel mixing consoles
  • Wireless and stand consoles
  • Microphones (wireless, wired, condenser, etc.)
  • Pioneer DJ Equipment Mykonos (players, mixers, etc.)
  • PA Speaker systems
  • Large Venue PA Systems (Line Arrays, etc.)
  • Outdoor Sound Systems
  • Backline Music Instruments
  • Near-Field Monitors
  • Conference audio equipment
  • Broadcasting & Studio equipment
  • Cables, accessories, etc.
  • and more

Rent Sound System Mykonos

Pioneer DJ Equipment - Mykonos Rentals

* Please notice that the final price depends on your exact requirements and duration of rental, also on many other parameters. Therefore don't hesitate to contact us for an accurate quotation according to your needs (always better than what you expect). Certainly, Rent Sound System Mykonos only by Audio Art Galleries.

Sound System & DJ Equipment Rentals Mykonos

Rent Sound System Mykonos

Pioneer DJ Equipment Mykonos

Rent Sound System Mykonos.

Pioneer DJ Equipment Mykonos.

Certainly, we can responsibly cover all your requirements in the most competitive prices!