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In Audio & Art Galleries, we are able to provide you a huge number of DJs, Live Bands, Musicians and Entertainers to choose from, together with their required equipment. In addition we feature a large pool of Backline instruments, staging and truss systems, able to cover any Event. Simply contact us to hire the proper DJ for your event.

Hire the proper DJ for your Event

Our DJs bring to life all kinds of special celebrations, with seamless mixes specially tailored to your event. With stunning, customized sets and lighting, they create the perfect atmosphere.

They can play music from any era, from the 50s right through to current hits. Certainly, they are experts at keeping audiences happy and dancing, ensuring that you and your guests have an unforgettable experience!

A live DJ will create a real buzz at a wedding reception, anniversary or party, by bringing genuine excitement and a lively atmosphere to your event.

Whether you’re looking to raise the roof at a big birthday bash or in need of some background music at a cocktail party, a DJ can deliver.

In other words, all depends on what type of event you’re planning. How many people will be attending, the age range and musical tastes of your guests, as well as what kind of atmosphere you’re hoping to create.

While the DJ’s main job is to get people dancing, it’s important to consider what type of act will best suit your event.

Who is the proper DJ for my Event?

If you’re having a party, you might want to hire a Party DJ who is talented at interacting with the audience and even hosting the odd party game. Party DJs are also perfect for corporate events, store openings or trade shows, where you want a fun and upbeat atmosphere.
If your event is geared towards young peoples who just want to dance, a Club DJ might be better. As a result, he will focus solely on playing great dance tunes.
For your wedding or other special celebration we propose a Wedding DJ. We can also arrange a saxophonist or violinist playing along with their tracks, giving another dimension to your reception or party.
In any case, whether you want straight-up classic party hits or modern club anthems, a good, professional DJ will be skilled at reading the audience and keeping the dance floor full, whatever the occasion.
A great way to make sure you’re hiring the right DJ for your event is to use our 'Contact us' form below. To clarify what kind of event you’re organizing and what style of music you want.
Concluding, a DJ will be a focal point of your event and will be talking to your guests, so you want to make sure you’re going to be happy with your choice.

Hire fabulous Live Bands or Entertainers

Live Bands or Musicians can attend events, parties, weddings and business meetings, to perform live music for entertainment. Live Bands come in all shapes and sizes. From rock groups to string quartets till standalone saxophonists or violinists. But what all of these professional musicians have in common is the ability to bring an electric atmosphere to your event.

There is a sheer variety of live bands, which are also in many different types of group available. Certainly, there is a band to suit just about every occasion you can think of. From birthday parties and family fun days, to wedding receptions and bachelor parties, till anniversaries, office parties, Christmas parties, leaving dos and baptisms.

To chose the right band or musician for your event, you have to come down to the type of event. How many people will be attending, what age range, what style of music you and your guests enjoy and what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create.

You might be planning a themed-event, in which case you’ll need music to match. Not only will these groups play the music of the era, they’ll dress the part too!

Too many parameters to consider of, or simply let us propose you our artists!

Have you considered about adding Entertainers or Dancers to your Event?

Dancers perform choreographed and freestyle routines to music, bringing energy, passion and a strong visual impact to any occasion. They can perform solo, in couples or groups, depending on what is required.

Dancers can be selected or tailored to suit the mood of your event perfectly. Hiring a dancer adds glamour, vibrancy and elegance to your event.

Comedians will attend your event and entertain the audience with jokes, stories and physical comedy. There are stand-up performers, impressionists, comedy singers and a variety of other funny men and women. Certainly, waiting to raise a smile and a giggle among your guests

Magicians are an ideal choice of entertainment for any event where you have an attentive audience. Magicians can bring excitement and laughter to wedding receptions, birthday parties and even award ceremonies and corporate events. They break the ice, get people involved and create a buzz that will be talked about for weeks to come.

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