AXIOM – SW215P, Very High-Output Dual 15″ Subwoofer (Passive)

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February 20, 2023
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AXIOM – SW215P, Dual 15” (380mm), Very High Output, Manifolded Band Pass Subwoofer System (Passive) – (Flying Version: SW215FA)

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AXIOM - SW215P, Dual 15” (380mm), Very High Output, Manifolded Band Pass Subwoofer System (Passive) - (Flying Version: SW215FA)



The SW215P subwoofer is designed to deliver high quality low frequency reproduction where very high output is a key requirement, together with well defined deep bass response and fast transient response. Its compact size and light weight make it suitable for several different uses, ranging from touring applications to fixed installations and high-level dance clubs.
The SW215P is a very high quality subwoofer system featuring some of the most advanced technologies for low frequency reproduction. Its unique and innovative design is based on a configuration that can be defined as Manifolded Band Pass. It uses manifolding of the front side of the cones to maximize the mutual coupling between the two drivers. This innovative configuration does not use any large resonant cavity to load the speaker, but very compact cavities in order to obtain advantages in terms of definition, both at the lowest end and the upper bass.


The SW215P subwoofer system is equipped with two high power 15” (380mm) transducers capable of long excursion (up to 33mm peak-to-peak), controlled by high stiffness Double Silicon Spider as centering suspension and by heavy duty surround.  The motor structure features high strength (BL²/Re) with optimized symmetry and excursion controlled by Inner Flux Demodulating Ring.
The robust copper 75mm (3”) voice coil is wounded in two different layers both outside and inside the coil support, then doubling the coil surface exposed to air cooling and consequently improving the long term thermal capacity of the loudspeaker.
Cones are made of very high-stiffness reinforced paper, featuring also invisible water repellent treatment.


The SW215P represents an innovative subwoofer design that features unprecedented performances in terms of low frequency definition and “punchy” feeling in the upper bass range.
The combination of accuracy in acoustic transient response together with the use of latest technology in transducers linearity, signal processing and power amplifiers allows the SW215A to deliver unprecedented low frequency reproduction quality with solid deep end, together with very fast and accurate bass response.

  • Very High Output
  • Compact size for a very good output-to-weight ratio
  • Manifolded Band Pass configuration for a high output in a compact size
  • High-strength, water repellent cones
  • Long-excursion split coil for extended linear response

SW-215P Technical Data

System’s Acoustic PrincipleManifolded Band Pass
Frequency Response (±3dB)39 Hz  –  120 Hz    (Processed)
Frequency Range (±10dB)35 Hz  –  300 Hz    (Unprocessed)
Nominal Impedance8 Ω + 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance6.1 Ω + 6.1 Ω @ 41Hz
Sensitivity (1.41V @ 1m, 2Pi)102dB (averaged from 40 to 100Hz)
Maximum Peak SPL @ 1m139 dB 
TypeTwo 15” (380mm), 3” (75mm) VC 
ConeHigh stiffness, water repellent
Voice Coil TypeFlux Demodulating Ring
SuspensionDouble Centering Spider
Connector TypeNeutrik® Speakon® NL4 x 2
Input WiringLF1 = Pin 1+/-; LF2 = Pin 2+/-)
Continuous AES Pink Noise Power700W + 700W
Program Power900W + 900W
Peak Power2100W + 2100W
Power Compression 
@ -10dB Power (180W + 180W)0.8dB
@ -3dB Power (900W + 900W)1.5dB
@ 0dB Power (1800W + 1800W) 2.7dB
Physical Dimensions 
Width571 mm (22.48”)
Height800 mm (31.50”)
Depth582 mm (22.91”)
Depth Including Wheels710 mm (27.95”)
Enclosure Material15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
PaintHigh resistance, water based paint
Suspension system (SW215AF) 
Side SuspensionHigh Strength Steel with ¼ Fast Pin
Back SuspensionHigh Strength Steel with ¼ Fast Pin 
Wheels4 heavy-load 100 mm ø
Net WeightSW215P: 61 Kg (134.48 lbs.) - SW215PF: 65 Kg (143.30lbs.)
Weight 65 kg

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